Day 4: USPs


Dear Reader,

Don’t sleep on your unique selling proposition (USP).

If slogans are the most powerful form of messaging, then USPs are the most important.

Because your USP is your differentiator.

Differentiators make selling easier. And conversion rates higher. Especially if your USP solves a problem. Or alleviates a pain point.

Your slogan and USP should fit hand in glove.

For instance…

If you are using a slogan in your advertising to generate attention, then your USP should be the opening headline on your landing page to produce interest.

You’ve heard of the AIDA model right…

When you use an effective slogan and USP together, you’re already half way down the AIDA funnel.

So many marketers get this wrong. They try to be clever. Or, what’s worse, gimmicky. They think they can reinvent the wheel. Instead of using what’s proven. What’s a science. And what works. AIDA.

Let’s circle back to the 3 Things™ example…

• Our USP is: The Daily Marketing Letter in 300 Words or Less

Here’s the thing… if you’re like me, you probably subscribe to a lot of newsletters. Have you noticed the same problem I’ve noticed with newsletters?

Now don’t get me wrong… there are other factors at play… like your ad targeting and landing page. But given all factors are aligned with your slogan campaign… you may see a lift in results.

Newsletters are long-winded. They’re like a tabloid in your inbox. They’re doing too much.

With 3 Things™, I want to do less. I only want to inspire you to become a better marketer. My writing will be concise… 300 words or less… that’s my USP.

In any case, you get it… the difference between a tagline, slogan, and unique selling proposition.

Now get pumped, and go write some killer messaging for your brand.

Be inspired… because you’re on to something.

Good luck,
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Tomorrow I’m going to share a copy writing formula that blew my mind. And, what’s even more mind-blowing was what happened after I learned it. Hint: Google confirmed it.

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Anthony Ragland

Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Tool of the Day

Testimonials have never been easier to collect from your customers is a new tool that allows you to collect video testimonials with ease. I think this tool is a game-changer for marketers who can effectively leverage it. Essentially, your customers can use tool to send you video testimonials with their webcam or cell phone camera in a few clicks. And, you can add their testimonials to your website with no coding. This tool is definitely worth a good look. Sign up with no credit card required.

Talent of the Day

Looking for a Superhero Design Team to Grow Your Business

Pixel True is one of the best design agencies that I know of, or have worked with. They create world-class graphics such as illustrations, website designs, logo designs, social media graphics, and animations for a fraction of the cost to hire a comparable in-house design team. They also have an extensive library of premium illustrations that you can download for free or pay a small fee. When you hire Pixel True, you’ll gain access to 4 specialist designers – a UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and an Animator. If you operate an agency or a start-up, you should consider Pixel True.

Tip of the Day

Where to find and hire college interns anywhere in the U.S.

Did you know that Handshake is the #1 job board for college students in the U.S.? More than 1,100 colleges and universities use Handshake. I used their job board to hire interns to create and manage social media content, and for video editing and production. Not only did they do a great job in these areas, but their talents exceed my expectations. Someone once told me, “the way to see the future is through the eyes of young people.” When it comes to social media, this is true.