Day 3: Slogans


Dear Reader,

Awhhhh… slogans!

Probably the most powerful of the three types of messaging we’ve touched on so far.

Well, at least it is in advertising.

You see… one of the things that separate amateur advertising campaigns from the (proverbial) Madison Avenue advertising campaigns… are slogans.

A good slogan is a game-changer in advertising.

When you combine a good slogan with the discipline to run an advertising campaign for a year or longer… magic happens.

You’ll start gaining brand awareness. Brand familiarity. Brand recall. Brand positioning. More sales. And traction.

Let’s circle back to the 3 Things™ slogan…

• Our Slogan is: Level Up Your Marketing Knowledge with 3 Things™

Now… what do you think will happen if we ran an advertising campaign with that slogan for one year?

I’m guessing we’d start benefiting from the results I mentioned above.

So that’s what I mean when I say a good slogan is powerful.

Because when you use slogans in your advertising campaigns, they help your business gain momentum (remember the article from day 1).

Let’s keep going… 

If you’re running paid Ads… take your time to write a GREAT slogan. Then, select a GREAT (not good enough) image that correlates with your slogan. And then A/B test your slogan campaign against your existing control campaign.

Now don’t get me wrong… there are other factors at play… like your ad targeting and landing page. But given all factors are aligned with your slogan campaign… you may see a lift in results.

Keep me posted on your slogan experiment.

Good luck,
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Tomorrow I’m going to write about why slogans and USPs are a match made in heaven. And how to use them together. Carpe diem!

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Anthony Ragland

Thursday, May 6, 2021
7:14 a.m. (ET)

Tip of the Day

If you want to win the A.M., then The Morning 5 routine may be just for you

I recently discovered The Morning 5 routine, by Glenn Lundy. And I want to recommend it to you. While this is not a marketing tip per se, it is a productivity tip. So it’s correlated to marketing. Tony Robbins famously said, “Success leaves clues.” And one habit that most successful people share is they have consistent morning routines. If you want to be more productive in the A.M., check out the downloadable Morning 5 eBook.

Tool of the Day

Use the Hemingway App to help make your writing bold and clear

The Hemingway App is one of my favorite copy writing tools. It’s a fantastic tool that can help you reduce the readability score of your writing, eliminate adverbs and passive voice, and simplify complex sentences. I use the Hemingway App to edit the final drafts of my copy. If you’re a (beginner or advanced) copy writer, I highly recommend you start using this tool.

Talent of the Day

Want to know who built the 3 Things & CMO Swipe File website with us

For nearly a decade, I’ve been using the same WordPress web development company. I believe they are among the best WordPress developers in the world. And their rates are about $15 per hour. I teamed up with them to build 3 Things and CMO Swipe File. When you join CMO Swipe File, you can view their flashcard and get a coupon code discount on your first project. Also, you can learn more about how we built 3 Things and CMO Swipe File in the hacks section.