Day 7: Owned Media


Dear Reader,

Let’s get down to business.

The four types of digital media are owned, paid, earned, and social media.

And without question, the most important one is owned media.

So let’s cover it first.

True to its name, owned media is any digital property that you own… such as your marketing websites, mobile app, email lists, and information systems (videos, photos, graphics, content, webinars, etc).

Some people would say that social media pages are owned media… but I disagree.

Because social pages can be suspended, or taken away from you per terms & conditions (for example, Donald Trump’s social pages or when Facebook suspends you for no apparent reason).

On the contrary, owned media is a real asset

It can be monetized, copyrighted or trademarked… it is the most valuable type of digital media.

The keystone of owned media is user experience.

The user experience (UX) of your marketing website, mobile app, marketing funnels, and email campaigns give you a competitive advantage.

I’m only repeating myself because this is important to remember.

UX is a competitive advantage.

Therefore, I recommend you invest more money and time into the UX of your owned media.

You’re in the marketing big leagues now… Design matters. Copywriting matters. Typography matters. Colors matter. Simplicity matters. Joy of use matters. Data matters. Revenue matters.

All big leaguers need a coach to help them level up. And I’m happy to be yours.

Anyway, just keep reading 3 Things™ every day and I’ll do my best to coach you.

As for your competitors who are still doing little league marketing… and wasting valuable time and burning money doing it the wrong way… I can’t speak to that.

Because that’s not your fault. All I can say is let’s run up the score up on them.

If you want to win… invest more in to your owned media assets… this is how big league marketers build digital brands and grow revenue.

I’ll continue to coach you on how to improve the UX of your owned media assets in the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned,
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I didn’t write much about paidearned, or social media today… but don’t worry, I’ll cover them in the next couple of days. I have some good insights to share with you on those topics.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Tip of the Day

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Tool of the Day

An Easy Way to Create, Record, and Edit Your Video and Audio Files

When I first stumbled upon Descript, I knew this tool was for me. It’s an easier way to do screen recordings, transcriptions, video/audio editing, and publishing. What makes Descript different, is their built-in editor that allows you to edit video and audio files within the transcript… it’s like you’re editing a Word document, instead of a video or audio file. If you’re looking to push out video and audio content easier, I invite you to give Descript a try. It’s an efficient and time-saving tool.

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