Day 6: Marketing Flow


Dear Reader,

Welcome to week two of 3 Things™!

Random question… but I promise it’s a good one… do you know who Hans Zimmer is?

I’ve fallen in love with his music on Spotify. It puts me in a zone.

In fact, I’m listening to Hans right now as I write this letter to you.

Hans is one of the greatest film composers of all time. He’s considered to be a ‘savant genius’.

You’re probably thinking…

What does Hans have to do with marketing?

Well, I’ll tell you… 

Marketers need to be able to flip a switch and get into a flow state… flow is a marketing super power… it’s your brain’s most productive state of mind.

As you level up, you’ll need to be able to summons your flow state when working on projects, facing deadlines, or increasing challenges.

Research suggest that productivity goes up by as much as 500% while in flow; and creativity increases as much as 700% in flow. Plus, you’ll experience a dozen of other mind and body benefits.

Listening to instrumental music, especially Hans Zimmer… helps me get in to a flow state.

Now that we’ve talked about the marketing flow mindset… let’s touch on Digital Media.

In my opinion, having an objective understanding of the digital media landscape is quintessential to becoming a successful marketing practitioner.

And the only way to have an objective understanding of digital media is to look at it from a 30,000 foot view… a big picture perspective if you will.

While listening to savants like Hans, I’ve spent thousands of hours optimizing, researching and studying digital media campaigns.

And you know what?

I’m pumped to share my unbiased, big picture assessment of digital media with you this week.

It’s going to be a fun marketing week!

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Definitely check out Hanns Zimmer on Spotify. And let me know if his genius inspires you into a flow state (like it does me).

Also, check out the 3 things below… they are relevant for this week.

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Anthony Ragland

Thursday, May 6, 2021
7:14 a.m. (ET)

Tip of the Day

Here's The Best Cold Email Marketing Video on YouTube

It’s not often that I endorse a YouTube video. But I had to endorse this one. I’m a veteran of cold email marketing outreach, but I learned a lot from watching this video hosted by Chase Dimond, featuring Cold Email Wizard (Daniel). The way Daniel breaks down, and shares his cold email tactics, is valuable for any marketer. It’s a 19-minute video, but I encourage you to watch it and learn more about Daniel’s tactics. Cold email marketing works in B2B if you have the correct approach and strategy. Keep an open mind.

Tool of the Day

ClickUp is an All-in-One Project Management Platform You Must See 

Marketing project management is a real pain point. The best marketers can easily become overwhelmed by the shear volume of activities and tasks. That’s why it’s key to use a project management platform to align the workflow and your team. My go to is ClickUp. Highly rated by G2 Crowd, Capterra, and GetApp… it’s one of the most feature-rich and simple-to-use platforms on the market. Best of all… you can get started for free with no credit card required. ClickUp just may be a golden ticket.

Tip of the Day

Where to Virtual Assistants in the Philippines for as little as $3 per hour

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are a great way to delegate tedious tasks. I’ve been using to find and hire qualified VAs for several years. Filipinos speak good English, and by nature, they are hard workers. I like this job board because of the depth of talent you can find for practically any marketing task (data entry, customer support, video editing, coding, you name it). But remember, just like hiring anyone, the quality of their output lies in your ability to train and coach them on how to do the best job for you.