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In my 22 year career, I’ve logged over 50,000 hours in the practice areas of advertising, branding and marketing. I couldn’t be more excited to share what I’ve experienced and learned along the way with you.

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Tip of the Day

How to Create Business Momentum

Entrepreneur.com recently published this genius article on how to create business momentum. It’s genius because momentum is everything in business. It’s how you win at branding, marketing and advertising. Spoiler alert: it’s ALL about your “messaging”. A must-read. And must-share with your team.

Tool of the Day

Use Headlime to 10x Your Copywriting

Headlime is a game-changing AI powered copywriting tool that allows you to write magnetic headlines, marketing copy, value propositions, advertisements, and scripts based on thousands of proven copywriting formulas. Their AI technology allows you to write good copy 10x faster.

Talent of the Day

Who is CMO Swipe File’s Leading Man

Have you noticed Andrew? He’s the guy with the great voice featured in CMO Swipe File’s videos and video chat. Andrew is a voice-over and on-camera actor who is passionate about producing his best work. He’s available to be the voice of your brand and help bring it to life.