Day 9: Earned Media


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Last, but certainly not least… let’s talk about earned media today.

Simply put… earned media is earned (no pun intended) from building a great brand and providing a great customer experience.

Earned media is any form of news media coverage, public mention (shares, re-tweets, etc), third party endorsement, customer review, word-of-mouth, organic SEO, podcast interview, or growth hack that drives awareness, traffic, and sales to your owned media properties.

Now here’s the thing…

In my experience, you should not be spending to much time and budget on earned media until you’ve created must-have user experiences on your owned media properties.

Furthermore, I believe you have to create a delightful customer experience by surpassing your customers’ expectations. And then, you’ll start generating earned media organically.

Earned media correlates to market traction.

Traction is quantitative evidence of market demand. It’s proof that people want your products or services. And there is no better indicator of traction and market adoption than earned media.

But earned media requires patience. And discipline to focus on the things that matter most… like your UX and customer experience.

Once you start producing earned media for your brand, you’ll need to also invest sweat equity into managing, organizing, and reporting it… which is very important.

Because your earned media can be re-purposed and amplified across your owned and paid media campaigns to earn more reach.

Remember…earned media helps convert people into customers. It creates consumer trust. And it helps you grow revenue. Its bottom of the funnel content that sells stuff.

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Tomorrow we’re going to talk about social media. And why I think it is a marketing trap if you’re not careful. More tomorrow.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Tip of the Day

Here’s the Absolute Best eBook on How to Write Great Headlines

If you ask any successful copy writer what’s the most important component of their content… they would likely say… the ‘headline’. That’s because the headline is the attention-grabber. It’s what stops a person and draws them into a story. It makes them click. No matter if your content is an article, video, social media post, paid advertisement, or email… your headline is what’s going to evoke curiosity in a person. Here’s a link to the best eBook I have ever read on how to write great headlines. It was produced by Copyblogger, and you have to give your email to download it, but I highly recommend it.

Trend of the Day

The Rise of Clubhouse, the Audio-Chat Social Media Platform

By now, if you’re not a user of the Clubhouse app, you’ve at least heard of it. Clubhouse is the darling of the tech industry with their revolutionary social media audio-chat app that launched in April 2020. According to Bloomberg, Clubhouse is discussing a funding round of $4 billion dollars with investors. Early adopters typically win large audiences on new social media platforms. If you are not using Clubhouse yet as a marketing channel, you should explore its possibilities and consider adopted an audio-chat strategy.

Tool of the Day

The One SEO Tool That No Marketer or Company Should Do Without

Have you heard of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Website Crawler? I’ve been using it for close to a decade. It’s a free tool to crawl websites up to 500 URLs, and it will diagnosis all of your website’s onsite SEO data in a matter of seconds. If you only know a little about SEO, this tool will help you know everything. You can find broken links, errors, and redirects; you can analyze your page titles, descriptions, and meta data; you can discover duplicate pages, produce site visualizations, and much much more.