Day 1: Messaging


Dear Reader,

I was thinking.

Do you know the difference between a tagline, slogan, and unique selling proposition (USP)?

I’d venture to say that most marketers don’t know.

This week, we’re going to talk about messaging. And the first order of business is to discuss the difference between a tagline, slogan, and USP?

These three brand statements should be the most widely used form of messaging across all your marketing channels.

Let’s use 3 Things™ as an example…

• Our Tagline is: The Daily Marketing Letter

• Our USP is: The Daily Marketing Letter in 300 Words or Less

• Our Slogan is: Level Up Your Marketing Knowledge with 3 Things™

Now, let me ask you something… in your opinion, how am I positioning 3 Things™?

Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions…

• Does our tagline communicate brand clarity?

• Does our USP differentiate us?

• And does our slogan get your attention?

I think so.

Our tagline, USP, and slogan can only apply to our brand… 3 Things™.

I want to inspire you to re-think your tagline, USP, and slogan. Because it’s uber important that you get this messaging right.

Also, I encourage you to write your tagline, USP, and slogan down on a sticky note… and put it on your desk. Keep it top of mind, and just think about your messaging over the next few days.

Tomorrow, we’re going to talk more about how to use your messaging in your channel marketing… I believe you will experience a lightbulb moment.

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Below is the tip of the day. It’s a must-read article. I shared it with a few of my clients, and it became the springboard to great messaging conversations. So please read it… because it will be relevant to my letter tomorrow.

From the Desk of:

Anthony Ragland

Thursday, May 6, 2021
7:14 a.m. (ET)

Tip of the Day

How to Create Business Momentum recently published this genius article on how to create business momentum. It’s genius because momentum is everything in business. It’s how you win at branding, marketing and advertising. Spoiler alert: it’s ALL about your “messaging”. A must-read. And, a must-share with your team.

Tool of the Day

Use Headlime to 10x Your Copywriting

Headlime is a game-changing AI powered copywriting tool that allows you to write magnetic headlines, marketing copy, value propositions, advertisements, and scripts based on thousands of proven copywriting formulas. Their AI technology allows you to write good copy 10x faster.

Talent of the Day

Who is CMO Swipe File’s Leading Man

Have you noticed Andrew? He’s the guy with the great voice featured in CMO Swipe File’s videos and video chat. Andrew is a voice-over and on-camera actor who is passionate about producing his best work. He’s available to be the voice of your brand and help bring it to life.