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    3 Things™ 52 Week Marketing Letter Curriculum

    Expand Your Knowledge and Sharpen Your Skills Every Day
    Week 1: Brand Messaging In this week, we will cover how to messaging creates momentum.
    Week 2: Digital Media in 2021 In week 2, we talk about owned, earned, and paid digital media.
    Week 3: Marketing Fundamentals In week 3, we discuss marketing fundamentals & best practices.
    Week 4: Marketing Strategy In week 4, we talk about planning strategic marketing campaigns.
    Week 5: Customer & User Research In week 5, we discuss voice of the customer and user research.
    Week 6: User Experience (UX) In week 6, we reveal the importance of user experience design.
    Week 7: UX Copywriting In week 7, we explore why UX copywriting is vital to online sales.
    Week 8: User Interface (UI) Design In week 8, we touch on UI design best practices and frameworks.
    Week 9: eCommerce Websites In week 9, we talk about how to grow eCommerce websites.
    Week 10: B2C Websites In week 10, we discuss best practices for growing a B2C website.
    Week 11: B2B Websites In week 11, we explore best practices for growing a B2B website.
    Week 12: SaaS Websites In week 12, we share our proven knowledge with SaaS websites.
    Week 13: Membership Websites In week 13, we share insights on how to build membership websites.
    Week 14: Tactical Marketing In week 14, we reveal tactical marketing tips that worked for us.
    Week 15: Pricing Strategy In week 15, we touch on pricing strategies to increase sales.
    Week 16: Data Analytics In week 16, we discuss data analytics, marketing metrics & KPIs.
    Week 17: Product Launches In week 17, we cover product launch campaigns and tactics.
    Week 18: Advertising In week 18, we review winning advertising formulas and tips.
    Week 19: SEO In week 19, we discuss modern SEO best practices and tools.
    Week 20: Conversion Optimization In week 20, we talk about why conversion rate optimization is vital.
    Week 21: Email Marketing In week 21, we teach you how to level up your email marketing.
    Week 22: Marketing Automation In week 22, we help you understand marketing automation.
    Week 23: Google Ads In week 23, lorem ipsum dolor sit, consectetur adipiscing elit.
    Week 24: Display Ads In week 23, we discuss Google Advertising secrets and tips.
    Week 24: Display Ads In week 24, we review display ad campaign tips and tricks.
    Week 25: Remarketing Ads In week 25, we reveal advanced remarking campaign strategies.
    Week 26: YouTube Ads In week 26, we talk about the power of YouTube advertising.
    Week 27: Facebook Advertising In week 27, we share real-life insights about Facebook advertising.
    Week 28: Instagram Ads In week 29, we talk about how to use Instagram for marketing.
    Week 30: LinkedIn Ads In week 30, we analyze LinkedIn as a B2B marketing channel.
    Week 31: Twitter In week 31, we talk about effective marketing tactics for Twitter.
    Week 32: Clubhouse In week 32, we reveal tips to use Clubhouse to grow your network.
    Week 33: Tik Tok In week 33, we evaluate Tik Tok as a B2C marketing channel.
    Week 34: Growth Hacking In week 34, we look at successful growth hacking strategies.
    Week 35: Strategic Partnerships In week 35, we discuss the anatomy of a strategic partnership.
    Week 36: Referral Programs In week 36, we show you how to launch a winning referral program.
    Week 37: Podcasting In week 37, we explore podcasting best practices and tips.
    Week 38: Customer Centricity In week 38, we teach you about customer-centric marketing.
    Week 39: Special Events In week 39, we share successful special event tactics, tips, & tricks.
    Week 40: Marketing Leadership In week 40, we coach you on marketing leadership best practices.
    Week 41 Marketing Operations In week 41, we analyze how to build efficient marketing operations.
    Week 42: Team Building In week 42, we discuss the impact of team building in marketing.
    Week 43: Direct Mail In week 43, we look closely at direct mail as a marketing channel.
    Week 44: Radio Advertising In week 44, we talk about radio and streaming advertising in 2021.
    Week 45: TV Advertising In week 45, we breakdown TV advertising in small & large markets.
    Week 46: Print Advertising In week 46, we explore print advertising as a marketing channel.
    Week 47: Billboard Advertising In week 47, we talk about how to win with billboard advertising.
    Week 48: Promotional Contest In week 48, we show you how we used contest to grow traffic.
    Week 49: Sales Enablement In week 49, we write about how to leverage sales enablement.
    Week 50: Revenue Operations In week 50, we review the role of revenue operations on marketing.
    Week 51: Public Relations In week 51, we present modern public relations strategies to you.
    Week 52: Year in Review In week 52, we summarize the 52-weeks and survey your feedback.

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